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Prairie Girls {2014}: Why personal projects are so important · CORVALLIS, OREGON {Corvallis, Oregon FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHER}

As I write this it has been almost 3 whole months since I last blogged.  Wow!

I guess you can say life has just gotten away from me, but it’s more than that.  To be honest, I just haven’t FELT like it.  I haven’t had the moral fortitude to put something intelligible and mildly inspiring down on paper.  And really, that’s ok.  We don’t have to be “on” 100% of the time.  For me it has been an even deeper struggle.

This has been an incredibly difficult year with the loss of two people very dear to me and the depression that often accompanies this circumstance.  I have not felt creative.  I have not felt inspirational. I have not felt myself. For months.

I still don’t, but… this is where I am plunging forward.  Besides the client sessions I have to edit I am going to be putting forth some of my personal projects.  I actually shoot little projects frequently but because of my business workload don’t take the time to edit them very often.  I plan on changing that.

There is a freedom in shooting just for yourself; in pleasing only your eye, your color palette, and chasing the visions of your own imagination.

If you have an idea you have been dreaming of, go for it!  Take a half a day and shoot something totally random in that gorgeous location you have been eyeing, or plan a full stylized session just for the fun of it.  Let your creativity flow and see how quickly your spirit is refreshed and ready to take on new challenges.

Here is a recent personal project with my girls and I.  Declan was away at his Grandma’s so we had a girls’ outing and picnic at one of our favorite places.  Of course we had to put on frilly dresses, even though we were in the middle of a wildlife refuge.:)

Someday I plan to take this concept all the way with aprons, sunbonnets, and lunch pails, but for now, this is my vision of some sweet little girls enjoying an afternoon on “the prairie”.

Session date:  July 10, 2014

Venue:  William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge




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Session date:  October 19, 2013

Venue:  Dorris Ranch

Each of my senior models gets a mini shoot, usually in the spring or summer, as well as a full shoot, usually in the fall or winter.

One more fact about Lainey is that she LOVES autumn (just like I do!). She chose to return to Dorris Ranch to catch some of the fall colors for her full shoot.  So, here are some more photos of Miss Lainey!
LaineyBlog_0039LaineyBlog_0040LaineyBlog_0041LaineyBlog_0042LaineyBlog_0043View full post »

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Session date:  June 22, 2013

Venue:  Dorris Ranch

Meet Lainey, one of my senior models for 2013-2014!

I think Lainey must have been in second grade or so when I met her at Willamette Christian School where her awesome mom, Carole, also worked.  She was in my library and computer classes and her older sister Kelsey was in my Spanish class.

My favorite thing about Lainey is her bubbly and upbeat personality.  If you are in a bad mood around her, it won’t last long.:)

Lainey will be graduating from Sheldon High School this year.  Here are some interesting facts about this amazing young lady.

Lainey is a member of the Dublinaires (a jazz singing group) and also the house party manager for theater at her school.  When not at school she works at Eugene & Springfield Lock and Safe.  Some of her favorite things are raspberries, the color aqua, music and playing ultimate frisbee, basketball and volleyball, as well as running cross country.

This year she has enjoyed getting close to her peers at school as well as being a member of the Dublinaires.  In the fall she plans on attending The University of Oregon to pursue degrees in business administration and accounting.

On getting senior photos taken Lainey said, “I don’t typically like getting my picture taken so it wasn’t very fun for me at first, but Cassie made me feel comfortable and I knew I could trust in her ability to produce great photos and I am very happy with the results”.

Thanks, Lainey!  I had a blast taking your photos and I am so glad you like them!

Stay tuned for more photos of Lainey in pt. 2 of this session.

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